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Published January 25, 2019

Hello, Golf Clash lovers! Today’s article is going to be about some ways of earning Free Gems and Coins in Golf Clash. I know you might be thinking that what is the need of these methods when we already have Golf Clash Hack on our side.

But, I won’t recommend you to keep using the Golf Clash Cheats again and again in order to earn free gems and coins. That will be cheating and will take all the fun out of the game. You should use Golf Clash Cheats only when you are in a really bad situation and have a really low amount of gems and coins

That’s why we are here with some of the best Golf Clash Tips on how to earn free Gold and Gems in Golf Clash. So, let’s start without any further ado.

Participate in Tours

One of the most straightforward methods of earning coins in Golf clash is participating in tours. The tricky thing about tours is that you need to invest some coins in order to participate in them. But obviously, if you win the tour you will get to earn a lot of coins too.

The key to earn coins from tours lies in the balancing. You should always pick the tour that matches your skill level. Investing coins in a tour in which you don’t have any chances to win is not a smart move.

A rule of thumb is to have at least 2x to 3x times the coins you need to participate in the tours in your account. Also, don’t miss out on tournaments that come around holidays or real-life golf events. The rewards that you get in winning these tournaments are much better.

Use Facebook and don’t miss the chests

Many people don’t know this but you can get a free platinum chest just for connecting your Golf Clash Account with your Facebook account. Also, you will be able to send and receive coins from your friends who play Golf Clash.

Coming to chests, you get a Pin chest after completing 8 successful putts. Remember to open the chests as soon as you get one as they take time to open.

Manage your clubs well

Yes, the clubs need to be upgraded but going nuts upgrading the clubs is not suggested. Save some coins for investing in tours and matches otherwise you won’t be able to earn more coins. Also, I will suggest you upgrade only the clubs that you use frequently.

Wasting your coins on clubs that you don’t use is not a smart move. As you move further in the game you will develop a playing style and will start using a certain club more often. So, stick to that club and upgrade it whenever possible.

Don’t forget Golf Clash Cheats

When nothing works out Golf Clash Hack will work! We have some Golf Clash Hacks that actually work. So, you don’t need to search for hours on the Internet to find one. With our Golf Clash Cheat tool you can generate thousands of free gems and coins. But try to earn them organically first.

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