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Published February 7, 2019

We all love Golf Clash. It has been successful in making us stick to it for a long time now. Golf Clash developers know how to keep their users hooked up to this game. PlayDemic CEO Paul George has been a serial game entrepreneur. PlayDemic is his fourth gaming company and he has been blown away with the performance of golf clash in the gaming market. If you don’t know then let us tell you that, golf clash has crossed $225 million overall revenue.

The latest feature of Clans has made Golf Clash even more competitive and has taken the game in an unusual direction. Well, let’s see what other factors have lead to Golf Clash becoming an even more competitive game.

The Social Factor

After the introduction of in-game groups or Clans, the game is serving as a online social network for many players. A Clan can consist of up to 50 members who work together for achieving combined goals.

After the update that brought Clans into the game, the game’s total engagement has risen by 10 minutes/day. The total engagement for the game is now 50 minutes/day.

The update has also brought the feature of real-time chat in the game. This update makes Golf Clash a very social experience for the players.

Staying in the balance

The developers at Warner Bros know what they are doing. Before the Clan update, the team was very nervous about introducing the word “Clan” in a Golf game as Golf is supposed to be a solo game. The word “Team” was considered prosaic, also the word “Team” is reserved for some other future updates, says Paul Gouge. They really sweated over the name.

Going towards eSports

Golf Clash has everything an eSports game needs. It has a learning-curve that everyone needs to follow in order to become good at this game. It is competitive and the player with more skills and practice wins the match.

But according to Paul Gouge, whether a game will become an eSports game or not isn’t something a developer gets to choose. By this, he meant that in order for the game to get into the eSports scene it needs huge support from the community and every individual player.

In 2019, Golf Clash is supposed to take a few steps towards the eSports scene but that’s not going to be the only focus of developers and the marketing team. The team will try to take the game to Asia as right it’s too much west-focused. Asia can be a really big market for Golf Clash.

Final Words

No matter which updates the Golf Clash team brings in the Golf Clash Hack will always work for you generating thousands of free gems and gold. So, don’t worry about that and enjoy your game as much as you can. The game is going to be more competitive in few months so enjoy it as much as you can and practice more.

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